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Energetic Anatomy

The physical dimension of the human body is a mass of atomic substance, intricately designed and regulated, delicately balanced with environmental forces, and receiving its ultimate animation from sources yet beyond full scientific scrutiny... (Continue)

A Personal Philosophy
By Cheryn Donaldson

People should enjoy life and grow in appreciation for all we have. When met with challenges of everyday life, no matter how difficult, one should be inquisitive and grow from each experience. Ones attitude is important to their future endeavors, goals, and accomplishments. One can allow the challenges they face in life to overwhelm them or to make them a better person...(Continue)


Meridians connect specific teeth, organs, tissues, in fact, everything int he body. These have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods; electronically, thermally and radioactively. Normal skin resistance over a healthy point is 100,000 Ohms. With practice and awareness they can be felt. Through these meridians passes an invisible nutritive energy known to the Chinese as Ch'i. The Ch'i energy enters the body through specific acupuncture points and flows to deeper organ structures, bringing life-giving nourishment of a subtle energetic nature. Acupuncture points have unique electrical characteristics, which distinguish them from surrounding skin...(Continue)

The Spark Of Life

Minerals are metallic elements, but most metals have so much charge, they are rarely found as pure elements. Instead, they readily react chemically with other atoms to form oxides, chlorides, sulfides, sulfates, silicates, carbonates, etc. Thus, metal becomes mineral as the first step to becoming biology. The metal atoms in minerals are the centers of charge in large molecules that form cells and living tissues. The metal elements coordinate and direct the flow of electrons, reactions between atoms, strength of membranes, and action of enzymes in biological life. An electric current is a stream of electrons through subatomic space. Copper is the conductor of choice for electricity, although other metals will work, too. A spark is a burst of this electric fire made visible in a massive discharge of electrons in air--miniature lightning. Atoms react chemically by exchanging electrons...(Continue)

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