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Touch For Health Series
Stress Release Series
Stress Indicator Point System
Neural Organizational Technique
Kinetic Facilitator Series
Stress Release Made Easy
Energy And Vitality Workshop
Making Money Your Friend

Touch For Health Series

Touch For Health is a powerful healing method for activating and 'switching on' the human body. It is designed to release pain and stress naturally using simple muscle testing feedback techniques to identify the sources of stress which lead to chronic pains, illness, mental fogginess and other related facets of dis-eases. Touch For Health will help hone in on key stressors and quickly helps one to identify the most effective means of correcting the imbalance. It may be described as a users guide or operating system for communicating directly with the human body. Touch For Health was written by Dr. John Thie and published in 1973. It is based directly on the Applied Kinesiology work of Dr. Goodheart as well as on Dr. Thie's own experience while working with patients, taking what worked best for him and incorporating it into his book.

Touch For Health has been taught at Universities and Colleges, being integrated into holistic heath programs. It has spawned a whole generation of new Kinesiology modalities and specializations but has always been recognized and respected as both a pioneering work and a solid foundation for any study in Kinesiology. This is not to say that it is not complete onto it's own. On the contrary, not only is it a complete system but it has proven to be a dynamic system that is vast in it's applications. Touch For Health is taught in four levels, each level building on the skills learned in the previous one.

Touch For Health I

Touch For Health II

Touch For Health III

Touch For Health IV

Stress Release Series

Stress Release is the work of Dr. Wayne Topping the founder of the branch of Specialized Kinesiology known as Wellness Kinesiology. Dr. Topping is from Bellingham WA and is also the founder of the Topping International Institute.

Stress Release I

Stress Release II

Stress Release III

Stress Release IV

SIPS Series

SIPS is an acronym for Stress Indicator Point System. It is a revolutionary way of balancing the body electrics by specifically assessing muscles, tendons, ligaments of the joints and addressing emotions at the primary level.

SIPS Kinesiology is one of the most innovative and powerful Kinesiology techniques to be developed in recent years. It is a brilliant breakthrough that will change how you work and enhance your existing clinical skills. The SIPS technique will have immediate applications in all your balancing and you will find these techniques very easy to assimilate into your current clinical practice.

Ian Stubbings of Melbourne, Australia is the originator of the Stress Indicator Point System. He developed the Stress Indicator Point System in early 1992 as a result of his desire to discover a more efficient way of balancing OF and UF muscles states.





SIPS Physical



N.O.T. is an acronym for Neural Organization Technique, Neural Organizational Technique was developed by Dr. Carl A. Ferrari DC.. It is an essential technique used to organize the nervous system. By using specific protocol to connect the neurological circuits, the body's four survival systems can operate automatically, by adjusting and resetting after any structural, bio-chemical or emotional traumas therefore regaining Energy and Vitality.

Neural Organization Technique may be used for a number of conditions, such as cranial injuries (Whiplash), Scoliosis, Learning Disabilities, ADD, ADHD, M.S and Downs Syndrome.

Pre-requisite for Seminars: Touch For Health 1 - 4 & Health Practitioner or Muscle Testing experience in other forms of Kinesiology. Instructed by Evelyne Rupp

Kinetic Facilitator Series

Presented by Body Mind Connection And Nutrition With Enhanced Learning and Integration Inc.
The Kinetic Facilitatpr Series was designed to provide a sampling of some of the major systems of Specialized Kinesiology including Brain Gym, Wellness Kinesiology, One Brain, and Touch For Health. It has an easy format that allows you to integrate previously learned skills and empowers you to work with others. This is a vital first step for anyone who is seriously interested in a future in Specialized Kinesiology. Build your skills in logical easy steps, and gain confidence in using the material effectively for powerful personal and one on one kinetic work.

Offered over a period of nine months, program participants have time to layer their learning, to practice, and then to fully integrate their skills with a special format during a three part, 48 hour, Facilitator Practicum.

Advantages of the series:

  • Experience key disciplines of kinetic work, and understand how they fit together
  • Eliminate repetition of entry level teaching
  • In depth training and international certification.
  • Scheduled practice sessions
  • Put everything in a sophisticated, professional format that allows you to offer everything you know as part of your menu of re-education.
  • Have a firm basis for clearly choosing future studies.

The program curriculum includes:

  • Making The Brain Body Connection (8 hours)
  • Lightning Learning (8 hours)
  • Brain Gym (24 hours)
  • Stress Release I and II (16 hours)
  • Tools Of The Trade (16 hours)
  • Touch For Health 1 (15 hours)
  • Basic One Brain (24 hours)
  • Elective Kineaiology Courses (30 hours minimum)
  • Three Part Facilitator Practicum (48 hours)

For those attending the full program, 20% of the price will be applied towards the practicum upon completion of the series.

Experienced Facilitators: For seasoned Specialized Kinesiologists, we offer a 'fast track'. This program allows facilitators with previous training to enter the Facilitator Practicum without having to attend the complete series. Expand your knowledge base.

Stress Release Made Easy

You will learn how to:

  • Quickly defuse upsetting emotions
  • Deeply instill key affirmations to bring you lasting happiness, peace and fulfillment.
  • Create a long term stress management program.


  • You will know the warning signs of stress and how to eliminate them.
  • You will have the bio-feedback skills to access information from your body to improve your health and performance.
  • You will have a set of valuable long lasting skills to manage stress.

Energy And Vitality Workshop

This workshop utilizes muscle testing much as other workshops modeled on Kinesiology. Topics covered include:

  • Methods for improving your energy level
  • Figure 8 energy flow
  • The healing power of sound
  • Spiral energy flow above the head
  • The spinning Vortices
  • Five Vitality Exercises for maintaining optimum energy from day to day
  • Nutrition for maintaining energy and stamina

Making Money Your Friend

Do you manage your money or does it manage you?

If you have plenty, do you waste it or use it wisely?

Are you a credit card junkie trapped in dangerous spending habits?

What are your hidden and/or negative feelings about money?

Have you acknowledged shame or fears about wanting or having money?

Do you call your compulsive spending habits therapeutic spending?

Is it acceptable for you to be prosperous and wealthy?

You will learn a re-patterning technique to assist you in making positive shifts with your relationship with money!

Prerequisite: Muscle checking experience

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