A Personal Philosophy

By Cheryn Donaldson

People should enjoy life and grow in appreciation for all we have. When met with challenges of everyday life, no matter how difficult, one should be inquisitive and grow from each experience. Ones attitude is important to their future endeavors, goals, and accomplishments. One can allow the challenges they face in life to overwhelm them or to make them a better person. These experiences, which life throws at us, make one who they are and refine ones personality.
Specialized Kinesiology gives the tools necessary,to help the individual and their families, to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally in everyday life. When one has knowledge, more choices are available. By goal balancing and using simple techniques, provided through this system of health, one has more control of their future.

Recent changes and cutbacks to our medical system have opened up people to look at alternatives. They are recognizing the need to take responsibility for their own health in order to improve their quality of life.

Knowing the material is important and the first step to a confident presentation. As a practitioner and instructor, the use of language and the presentation of material can greatly affect its acceptance or rejection by the audience. With the use of illustrations to connect new information to past knowledge, the instructor or practitioner can get past blockages and gain acceptance. Many people are ripe for these methods, but are afraid of something unusual. Giving people respect for their fears and welcoming their questions, will place them at ease, allowing them control over their own experience. This area of training has been lacking and may have caused the failure of many to establish themselves as practitioners. It is important to listen to others and hear what their needs are in order to facilitate the healing of the individual; patience and flexibility are requirements in the process.

The world is always changing; one must be flexible enough to adjust, yet firm enough to stand up for their principles in life.