Upcoming Class Schedule 2013/ 2014

TFH Trainer Workshop/ Richmond Hill, Ontario, CanadaOct 15 - 229:00am-5:30pm$1250
S.I.P.S. 1Nov 4-69:00am-6:00pm$495
Pre-registered $450
S.I.P.S. 2Nov 7-99:00am-6:00pm$495
Pre-registered $450
N.O.T. Level 1/ with Evelyne RuppNov 10-139:00am-6:00pm$
Pre-registered $
N.O.T. Level 2 and 3/ with Evelyne RuppMar 12-169:00am-6:00pm$
Pre-registered $
N.O.T. Level 4/ with Evelyne RuppMay 1-49:00am-6:00pm$
Pre-registered $

All classes with Cheryn Donaldson and in North Vancouver BC unless otherwise specified.

Contact us for further information or to register
Body Mind Connection And Nutrition 604-929-3219