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Prerequisites: Touch For Health I-IV, or Edu-K in Depth or other entry level Kiesiology courses.

You Will Learn:

  • How to balance overfacilitated and underfacilitated muscle circuits, and muscle imbalances resulting from tendons and ligaments, including retinaculi and tendon sheaths.

  • Balancing primary emotions of the limbic system.

  • How to reduce pain in muscle tissues.

  • Why the body often resists healing and the SIPS Human Body Energy System.

  • How to balance joints in the body to significantly improve their function.

  • How to profoundly balance the knee joint using the major 21 muscles surrounding it.


Prerequisites: SIPS 1

You Will Learn:

  •  More vibrant, dynamic balancing techniques using the highly effective Continuous Record Mode.

  • Address the electrical polarity in the body including Switching and Deep Level Switching.

  • Learn how to balance the Corpus Callosum and Hydration to give the body a very stable electrical base on which changes can be made. You cannot build a stable structure on an unstable foundation.

  • Learn how to balance Un-monitorable Muscles (muscles that cannot be directly monitored)

  • Balance muscles in Extension

  • Find linked imbalances using the Circuit Mode

  • Balance Hydration and Ionization imbalances

  • Access and balance the Corpus Collosum, Association and Projection Fibers

  • Balance Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Emotions using SIPS points and Plutchik's Circumplex Model of Emotions


Prerequisites: SIPS 2

SIPS 3 is a natural progression from SIPS 1 & 2 to the third level of the Human Body Energy Model: The Mental Body as it effects the Physical. Aspects of mind and mental function are explored in relation to the mental level of resistance and the theoretical models of energy, mind, and thought forms. 

SIPS points for states of mind, mental function, thinking, levels of consciousness, and the primary senses amongst others are introduced in this workshop. A number of invaluable SIPS points for different types of tissue and structural systems are included to expand the effectiveness of working on the physical body. A very simple yet very powerful SIPS correction technique is presented within this workshop. SIPS 3 encompasses a significant body of work which will enhance your clinical practice. 

Three Day Course. 


Prerequisites: SIPS 3

SIPS 4 encompass the magneto-electric dimension. Topics covered within this workshop include, reverse energy flow, blocked energy and figure 8 energy. A very important section on inflammation stress is included in addition to another powerful SIPS correction technique. SIPS 4 is a gentle yet stimulating workshop. 

Three Day Course. 

SIPS Physical

Prerequisites: SIPS 4

This level of SIPS works with the physical body at its most fundamental level: the cell. Major topics covered in this class include physical energy, body chemistry, nutrition, metabolism, cellular respiration, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and toxicity. 

Three Day Course. 

SIPS BAP (Body Alignment Proprioception)


Prerequisites: SIPS 1 and SIPS 2

Balancing the Primary Integration Center for Primary Body Alignment. All reflex systems, e.g. Gait Reflexes, Cloacal Reflexes and other Righting Reflexes must be integrated at a higher level - The SIPS Body Alignment Proprioception Point accesses this primary integration. The body structure is largely controlled by three planes of the cranium and primary posteral feedback: the plane of the Temporomandibular Joint, the cranial plane of the Atlas, the Sphenoidal plane of the eyes, and the feedback system of the Foot Pressure Sensors. The BAP set -up acceses all of these primary systems in one integrated system and balances the Structural Misalignment of the body to bring the spine, jaw, cranium, hip and shoulder girdles into proper alignment.


You Will Learn:

  • How the Dura Mater influences the body, spinal circuits and the brain.

  • How to perform an interactive balance of the Spheniod, TMJ and Atlas in both static and dymanic protocols.

  • How to balance Gaits, Hyoid and Pitch, Roll and Yaw and Tilt simultaneously and quickly.

  • About the interconnectedness of the Skeletal - Muscular System.

  • How to gently balance Atlas and Spinal Stress.

  • How to Balance the Dura Mater and release stress n the back of the neck.

Two Day Course. 

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