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Body Mind Connection And Nutrition is a holistic health service and educational network founded and run by Cheryn Donaldson. Cheryn has over twenty years experience in the field of Kinesiology, Acupressure, Stress Management and other forms of Body Mind Integration. She has become renowned as a leader in her field. 

​She works with several branches of Specialized Kinesiology and has fused the skills she has learned into her own unique and powerful approach to relieving pain, tension and mental and emotional imbalances. She has facilitated breakthroughs in the healing process of people working through major life challenges such as trauma and dissociative disorders. She is highly valued and respected by her clients and she encourages them to seek out and learn new skills for managing their health. Many of her clients have taken courses in Stress Management and Touch for Health to learn to help themselves and their families.

Cheryn Donaldson is the IKC Faculty for Canada and is currently on the board of the IKC (International Kinesiology College) Touch For Health School. She is a certified instructor in Touch for Health, SIPS, K-Power, Stress Release, Top Ten Stress Releasers and Brain Integrators, Making the Brain Body Connection, Making Money your Friend. She has also developed her own workshops making use of the Aculight and Acuspark, both forms of accupressure. She runs a busy personal practice in Nanaimo British Columbia where she applies these techniques with a variety of other stress management skills including SIPS, Applied Physiology, N.O.T.(Neurological Organization Technique) and LEAP - Brain Integration.

Cheryn Donaldson

IKC Faculty Canada

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