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Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body that can't be seen, felt or found with the senses. Energy disturbances in the subtle bodies precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organization and growth. Matter and energy are two different manifestations of the same primary energetic substance of which everything in the universe is composed, including our physical and subtle bodies. Matter, which vibrates at a very slow frequency, is referred to as physical matter. That which vibrates at speeds exceeding light velocity is known as subtle matter. Subtle matter is as real as dense matter; its vibratory rate is simply faster. It is believed that two opposite ends of the spectrum--yin, the energy of earth and yang, and the energy of heaven--combined with humans to create this vital force.


The Chinese discovered and identified twelve acupuncture meridians along which this energy travels in the human body. Acupuncture meridians are like copper traces on an electronic circuit board, running throughout the body. They were named by the life function associated with them. To the majority of Western scientists, acupuncture meridians seem like imaginary structures because there are no published anatomical studies of the meridians in orthodox medical journals to substantiate their existence. They prefer to believe that nerve pathways constitute the true mechanism of acupuncture therapy. Meridians are the pathways of the positive and negative energy power, which carries on some of the communication between the various parts of human beings.

Meridians connect specific teeth, organs, tissues, in fact, everything int he body. These have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods;electronically, thermatically and radioactively. Normal skin resistance over a healthy point is 100,000 Ohms. With practice and awareness they can be felt. Through these meridians passes an invisible nutritive energy known to the Chinese as Ch'i. The Ch'i energy enters the body through specific acupuncture points and flows to deeper organ structures, bringing life-giving nourishment of a subtle energetic nature. Acupuncture points have unique electrical characteristics, which distinguish them from surrounding skin. These acupuncture points exist along the meridians. These points are electro-magnetic in character and consist of small palpable spots, which can be located by hand, with micro-electrical voltage meters and with muscle testing, when they are abnormally functioning.


These 500 points, mapped and used for centuries to optimize human performance, are connections between the positive and negative meridians and functions of the body, including internal organs and muscles. These points are useful not only in treatment but also in diagnosis of disease states. Subtle magnetic Ch'i currents flowing through the acupuncture meridians are not electrical in nature, but they are able to induce secondary electrical fields that create measurable changes at the physical cellular level through the induction of secondary electrical fields. These induced electrical fields are translated into DC-current interactions from the higher energy meridians into the physical body and affect primary bioelectronic processes, which provide and maintain coherence within the physical-cellular structure. When the flow of life energy to a particular organ is deficient or unbalanced, patterns of cellular disruption occur. Imbalances in the meridians can be detected by feeling the pulses, but this can take up to 20 years to develop proficiently. Whereas, manual muscle testing will detect these same imbalances, utilizing the body's intelligence to non-invasively let us know what is going on inside with relatively little practice.


The Meridian Cycle

Meridians are classified yin or yang on the basis of the direction in which they flow on the surface of the body. Meridians interconnect deep within the torso, but we will work with the part that is on the surface and is accessible to touch techniques. Yang energy flows from the sun, and yang meridians run from the fingers to the face or from the face to the feet. Yin energy, from the earth, flows from the feet to the torso, and from the torso along the inside (yinside) of the arms to the fingertips. Since the meridian flow is actually one continuous, unbroken flow, the energy flows in one definite direction, and from one meridian to another in a well determined order. Since there is no beginning or end to this flow, the order can be represented as a wheel. The flow around the wheel follows the meridian lines on the body in this order:


from torso to fingertip (along inside of arm--yin)

from fingertip to face (along outside/back of arm--yang)

from face to feet (along outside of leg--yang)

from feet to torso (along inside of the leg--yin)


Three times through this four-step process covers the twelve major meridians.


Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via these meridians, or energy highways. This connection is so strong that a biological dentist can often accurately "guess" your dental history simply by reviewing your physical symptoms. Root canals create disturbing energetic roadblocks in the body which short-circuit essential pathways leading to the breakdown of proper organ function. If a person has a weak organ, a root canal performed on the associated meridian tooth will make it more problematic. Balancing and strengthening the organ can allow a person to handle it temporarily.



The word Ch'i has many translations--nearly every culture in the world has a word to express this concept--but it can be thought of as the activating energy of the universe. Ch'i is the pure, harmonizing and free-flowing energy that sustains all of life. Chi condenses and disperses in alternating cycles of negative and positive (Yin and Yang) energy, materializing in different ways, forms, and shapes. It can be neither created nor destroyed. Instead, Ch'i transforms itself and reappears in new states of existence. All states of existence, therefore, are temporary manifestations of Ch'i, especially those of physical matter.


Ch'i is the source of all movement in the universe. The motions of the stars and planets, the radiation from the sun, and the patterns of our thoughts and emotions occur because of Ch'i. It is considered to be the source of our life force and the animating factor in all living beings. Ch'i is the bridge between the body and our consciousness. Because the body, Ch'i and consciousness or spirit are linked, a change in one may easily affect the other two. The mind leads and the Ch'i follows; the Ch'i leads and the body follows. Ch'i is the midpoint or interface between the body and mind. Directing the Ch'i enables us to make changes in both body and mind.Ch'i also binds things together. It is what keeps the constituents of our bodies from separating and dissipating. When the human body loses its breath of life, the original energy (life-force) leaves it, allowing the body to decompose.


Chi holds the organs, glands, blood vessels, and other bodily parts in place. When the body's Ch'i becomes weak, a loosening of the organs can occur in which they drop from their normal positions, leading to poor functioning and ill health. Chi also warms the body; any increase or decrease in bodily heat indicates the strength of its flow. The Ch'i that forms the heavens and earth is essentially the same as the Ch'i that forms living beings. "God created man in His image." Human beings are a microcosm of the universe. Thus, Ch'i flows throughout the universe, and it also flows through humans. Through studying how our own Ch'i works, we can also understand the workings of the universe. In recent studies, radioactive technetium 99m and phosphorus p32 were injected into acupuncture points of patients, andgamma-camera imaging and microautoradiography followed the isotopes' uptake. The radioactive substances migrated along classical acupuncture meridian pathways, through a series of fine, duct-like tubules, (approximately 0.5 - 1.5 microns in diameter) for a distance of 30 cm in four to six minutes. Fluid extracted from these tubules revealed high concentrations of DNA, RNA, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, sixteen types of free nucleotides, adrenaline, corticosteroids, estrogen, and other hormonal substances in levels far different from those ordinarily found in the bloodstream.


In an acupoint, over ten times the blood level of adrenaline was found. This presence of hormones and adrenaline within ductal fluids certainly suggest a link between the meridian system and the endocrine gland regulation of the body. The terminal ductles of the deeper meridian system also reach the tissue cell nuclei, which are the genetic control centers of the cells. The meridian system also plays an important role in both replication and differentiation (specialization) of all cells in the body, providing an intermediate informational guidance system to the developing cells of the body. It was found that within the embryonic chick the meridian ducts were formed within fifteen hours of conception! Even the most rudimentary organs have not yet formed at this stage. The completed spatial orientation of the meridian system occurs earlier than organ formation, and is guided by a holographic energy-field template known as the etheric body. The meridian system is also a specialized type of electrolytic fluid system that conducts certain types of subtle energies (Ch'i) from the external environment to deeper organ structures. Quantitative measurements have demonstrated that there occurs a nearly twenty-fold drop in electrical resistance at the acupoints.

Brain Integration 2

Movement Of Ch'i

Ch'i circulates along acupuncture meridians or energy channels in the human body in a similar way that radio waves travel through space. These radiate to and resonate with all cells in the body. Although imperceptible, like radio waves, electricity moving faster than the speed of light continuously charges the body. When this energy flow is unrestricted, the body harmonizes the flow to optimize body functioning. When we abuse or cause stress to our bodies, sometimes the stress is so intense or so constant that, in effect it "overloads" the circuit. The "circuit breaker" pops and needs to be reset before energy can flow properly. The indication of whether this has occurred is the muscle test. The energy of each meridian system can be thought of as a circuit connecting joints, muscle areas and organs. The embryological development of the human body explains why each energy pathway connects to its own distinct and distant areas. As the human embryo grows, its organ/energy pathways develop and reach into distant parts of the body.


The major meridians connect to one another deep inside the body. On the surface, the meridians circulate closely, within a half-inch to an inch of connecting with each other. Each meridian runs on both sides of the body--mirroring itself. The Chinese were especially concerned with eliminating energy blockages in the energetic body channels. They created intricate maps of the body's energy system, and used acupuncture needles to draw awareness to specific areas where energy blockages occurred--rebalancing the channels. Today we have learned how to accomplish this same balancing of the body's electromagnetic system in non-invasive ways, utilizing different mediums such as the hands, special magnets, crystals, reiki patterns, etc. The highest goal of inner alchemy is to transform our cells to unite with Cosmic Energy and become immortal cosmic cells of the universe.

Brain Integration 2

Using The Wheel

The wheel represents the flow of the meridian energy, each meridian being represented by a section of the wheel rim. By moving around the wheel in a clockwise direction, we can follow the flow of energy through the entire 12-meridian system. The lines within the wheel denote subsidiary energy flows among meridians, and may help you notice the patterns underlying a particular set of muscle weaknesses. Since the meridians are part of one continuous flow, we can look upstream and see where the block is, causing the energy not to flow properly. If we release the block, the energy can resume its unrestricted flow and energize the meridians downstream. If you look at at the muscles listed on the meridian wheel, you will see that the three meridians involved lie next to each other. When the flow is resumed, you will find them strong and energized just by working on the correct one. If another muscle is still weak, you deal with each of them in turn, moving around the wheel of meridians. You test muscles associated with the central and governing meridians first and strengthen these muscles if they are found weak. The central and governing meridians are called exit or storage meridians and it is helpful to be sure they are unblocked at the start of the balancing process.


There are patterns relating to the subsidiary flows between meridians, represented on the meridian wheel as dashed squares and dotted triangles. Dotted triangles indicate the energy bond that exists between meridians running in the same direction in the same part of the body. The triangles connect the three yang meridians that run down the back of the arm, the three yang meridians which run down the legs, the three yin meridians which flow from the feet to the torso and the three yin meridians which flow outward from the torso to the fingertips. The dashed squares indicate a relationship between meridians at the four extremites--they connect a yang meridian running from the back of the hand to the face with a yang meridian running face to feet with a yin meridian running feet to torso with a yin meridian flowing from torso to fingertip. If weak muscles form three corners of such a square, start strengthening with the first weak muscle clockwise from the one strong corner. The black spokes of our meridian wheel represent a relationship between pairs of meridians called the mid-day--midnight law.


When it is noon, the sun is straight above us, we are geting maximum energy from the sun. As surely as day follows night, when it's noon here it's midnight somewhere else, somewhere on the other side of the big circle we call home. The amount of energy that any given meridian absorbs from the environment varies throughout the 24 hour day, being highest during certain hours, lowest 12 hours later. The hours of highest energy absorption for each meridian are noted on the meridian wheel (now point). If muscle weaknesses found in testing don't fall into any of the patterns mentioned, begin with the first weak muscle clockwise from the present time of day (now point).


Meridian Body Clock

According to Chinese theory, the cycles of ch'i energy moving through the organs follow a daily clock-like pattern. The flow of energy is said to follow oscillating energy cycles with respect to time of day. Each of the main meridians has two, two-hour periods, during which, energy flow is first at a maximum and then later at a minimumintensity of circulation. The time at which energy flow is the greatest through a particular meridian may define the time of day at which it is best to treat a disease in the associated organ system. This internal timepiece which governs many bodily functions, including cyclic enzymatic activity within the brain, also seems to have an effect on the expression of drug toxicity. These subtle-energy rhythms are in resonant synchrony with the cosmic cycles of the universe. It is well known that many biological events seem to follow the maxima and minima of solar activity. The meridian system may be the energetic mechanism by which changes in solar activity are translated into cellular and physiological effects.

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