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Classes in Acupressure and Stress Management

Have a look at class descriptions and view our class schedule. If the class you want does not appear on our schedule you may make a request. New classes will be scheduled where there is demand. You may also wish to sponsor Cheryn to teach a class in another city. Again, this will be considered where there is sufficient demand.

Presentations on Acupressure and Stress Management

With over twenty years of in the field, Cheryn has built up a well of experience. She has seen many lives changed and enhanced by her work, including that of herself and her own family.  She is also available for presentations to conferences and corporations or other organizations concerned with the issues of dealing with Stress Management. She introduces skills for self improvement, increased focus, stress management in a calm stress free environment in a manner to encourage interaction and stimulate creativity. Her approach is very physiological and hands-on. It is professionally presented and fully backed by evidence and theory.

Sessions of Acupressure and Stress Management

Cheryn offers one on one sessions by appointment. She implements a variety of techniques to assess individuals to create a personalized goal for improvement and a plan to achieve these goals on health, pain reduction, stress management, relief from food and environmental sensitivities, improved athletic performance and general well-being. She operates a busy practice in Nanaimo BC  To lessen this load and in the spirit of helping others to help themselves, she encourages her clients to attend her classes and classes taught by other certified instructors.

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