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N.O.T. is an acronym for Neural Organization Technique. N.O.T was developed by Dr. Carl A. Ferrari DC.. It is an essential technique used to organize the nervous system. By using specific protocol to connect the neurological circuits, the body's four survival systems can operate automatically. When the nervous system is re-set and adjusted after after any structural, bio-chemical or emotional traumas other treatment modailites become more effective and efficient.


N.O.T may be used for a number of conditions, such as cranial injuries (Whiplash), Scoliosis, Learning Disabilities, ADD, ADHD, M.S and Downs Syndrome.


Pre-requisite for Seminars: Touch For Health 1 - 4 & Health Practitioner or Muscle Testing experience in other forms of Kinesiology. Instructed by Evelyne Rupp.

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