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TFH Synthesis

Touch For Health is a powerful healing method for activating and 'switching on' the human body. It is designed to release pain and stress naturally using simple muscle testing feedback techniques to identify the sources of stress which lead to chronic pains, illness, mental fogginess and other related facets of diseases. Touch For Health will help hone in on key stressors and quickly helps one to identify the most effective means of correcting the imbalance. It may be described as a users guide or operating system for communicating directly with the human body. Touch For Health was written by Dr. John Thie and published in 1973. It is based directly on the Applied Kinesiology work of Dr. Goodheart as well as on Dr. Thie's own experience while working with patients, taking what worked best for him and incorporating it into his book.

Touch For Health has been taught at Universities and Colleges, being integrated into holistic heath programs. It has spawned a whole generation of new Kinesiology modalities and specializations but has always been recognized and respected as both a pioneering work and a solid foundation for any study in Kinesiology. This is not to say that it is not complete onto it's own. On the contrary, not only is it a complete system but it has proven to be a dynamic system that is vast in it's applications. Touch For Health is taught in four levels, each level building on the skills learned in the previous one.

SIPS is an acronym for Stress Indicator Point System. It is a revolutionary way of balancing the body electrics by specifically assessing muscles, tendons, ligaments of the joints and addressing emotions at the primary level.

SIPS Kinesiology is one of the most innovative and powerful Kinesiology techniques to be developed in recent years. It is a brilliant breakthrough that will change how you work and enhance your existing clinical skills. The SIPS technique will have immediate applications in all your balancing and you will find these techniques very easy to assimilate into your current clinical practice. 

Ian Stubbings of Australia, is the originator of the Stress Indicator Point System. He developed the Stress Indicator Point System in early 1992 as a result of his desire to discover a more efficient way of balancing OF (Over Faciitated) and UF (Under Facilitated) muscles states. 
Take control
and put yourself
in the drivers seat
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The Brain Integration Program – LEAP – is a 7 part Learning Experience that will change many people’s lives by disclosing the real “Cause” of Specific Learning Difficulties and providing a Step-by-Step approach to their Resolution.
Based on the hierarchy of brain function involved with the learning process, LEAP has been recommended by psychologists, teachers and other health care professionals because it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological tests.

LEAP provides a powerful way to set up the body biocomputer for correction using Applied Physiology formatting from the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain course.
LEAP teaches you HOW to correct learning problems, WHAT you need to correct, and the ORDER the corrections need to be made. Both theoretical and clinical considerations will be covered in detail with regard to each assessment and correction procedure presented. Once the relevant imbalance is on the biocomputer, each practitioner will then correct it with the skills they have available.
Learning problems are not limited to school children – if you have problems in any area of your life that you are not able to resolve – this is a Learning problem.
LEAP is a way to open your clients to a new way of seeing and resolving stress in their lives!

N.O.T. is an acronym for Neural Organization Technique. N.O.T was developed by Dr. Carl A. Ferrari DC.. It is an essential technique used to organize the nervous system. By using specific protocol to connect the neurological circuits, the body's four survival systems can operate automatically. When the nervous system is re-set and adjusted after after any structural, bio-chemical or emotional traumas other treatment modailites become more effective and efficient.

Neural Organization Technique may be used for a number of conditions, such as cranial injuries (Whiplash), Scoliosis, Learning Disabilities, ADD, ADHD, M.S and Downs Syndrome.

Pre-requisite for Seminars: Touch For Health 1 - 4 or Muscle Testing experience in other forms of Kinesiology. Instructed by Evelyne Rupp

This series of workshops teach basic Kiniesology skills from using the fundamental concepts of Five-Element theory, the 'great-8' muscles; the CV and GV energy reservoirs; six basic balancers - NLs, NEs, NVs, Meridians, VRs, Nutrition; four fundamental techniques - ESR, origin and insertion, spindles, golgi; circuit locating and how to shift blocked energy using powerful goal-orientated balancing process.
The K-Power series are workshops that have been developed from these teaching modules of a 4 year professional program, created by Dr. and Mrs. Dewe.
Aculight / Acuspark / Aculift
You can look younger, more radiant, and healthier naturally.
Discover the value of light and colour as you learn quick and simple techniques with the Aculight and Acuspark.


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