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Touch For Health

TFH Synthesis

Touch For Health is a powerful healing method for activating and 'switching on' the human body. It is designed to release pain and stress naturally using simple muscle testing feedback techniques to identify the sources of stress which lead to chronic pains, illness, mental fogginess and other related facets of diseases. Touch For Health will help hone in on key stressors and quickly helps one to identify the most effective means of correcting the imbalance. It may be described as a users guide or operating system for communicating directly with the human body. Touch For Health was written by Dr. John Thie and published in 1973. It is based directly on the Applied Kinesiology work of Dr. Goodheart as well as on Dr. Thie's own experience while working with patients, taking what worked best for him and incorporating it into his book.

Touch For Health has been taught at Universities and Colleges, being integrated into holistic heath programs. It has spawned a whole generation of new Kinesiology modalities and specializations but has always been recognized and respected as both a pioneering work and a solid foundation for any study in Kinesiology. This is not to say that it is not complete onto it's own. On the contrary, not only is it a complete system but it has proven to be a dynamic system that is vast in it's applications. Touch For Health is taught in four levels, each level building on the skills learned in the previous one.

Touch for Health brings the body in to harmonious balance by restoring natural energy through a combination of the age old science of accupressure and modern principals of physiology and biochemistry.

You will learn to switch on your muscles for optimum health, brain/body integration and often the release of chronic pain.
This class is of special importance to anyone wanting to enhance sports or physical performance. You and your family are welcome.



I am very grateful that the instructor made it a fun experience. The classroom environment was relaxed and comfortable making my learning experience enjoyable and supportive.

TFH I Student - William

 I feel very happy and energized. I'm looking forward to learning more material.

TFH Student - Anita


What you will learn:

  • Relieve pain and muscle tension without drugs

  • Reduce mental and physical stress

  • Strengthen your body's immune system

  • Overcome depression and anxiety

  • Speed up healing when sick or injured

  • Increase your energy

  • Learn 14 muscles

  • Accurate Indicator Muscle

  • Dehydration

  • Emotional Stress Release

  • Cross crawl

  • VIsual Inhibition

  • Auricular Energy

  • Surrogate Testing

  • Meridians

  • Neurovascular, Spinal Reflexes, Neurolymphatic, Origin and Insertion

  • Improve Posture


Prerequisite: Touch For Health I 

What you will learn:

  • Pre-tests and Corrections

  • Circuit Localization

  • Balancing using the Wheel

  • Time of Day Balance

  • Alarm points - Over Energy

  • Five Element Theory

  • Acupressure for pain/Meridian Walking

  • ESR- Future performance

  • Golgi Tendon/Spindle Cell Proprioceptors

  • Cross Crawl for Integration

  • Relieving Lower and Upper Back pain

  • Cerebral-Spinal Technique

  • Balancing with Foods

  • One Point Correction

  • 14 additional muscles

  • Use of Charts and Workbooks


Prerequisite: Touch For Health I & Touch For Health II

What you will learn:

  • Facilitation and Inhibition

  • 5 Element Nutrition

  • 14 additional muscles

  • Reactive Muscles

  • Acupressure Holding Points

  • Goal Balancing with Emotions

  • Pain Tapping

  • Pulses

  • Balancing with Colour

  • Relieving Knee Pains and Head Aches

  • Circuit Retaining Mode

  • Gaits

TFH Trainer Workshop
  • Master TFH 1,2,3,4 techniques

  • Course timelines and syllabuses

  • Effective communication skills

  • Clear languaging in theh self-resonsibility model

  • Active listening skills 

  • How to handle difficult students and skeptics

  • Presentation skills

  • Effective marketing strategies

  • Targeting special interest groups

  • Publicity & advertising –what works and what   

  •  doesn’t

  • Networking

  • How to set up classes

  •  Organization and record keeping

  •  And much more…


Prerequisite: Touch For Health I, II & III

What you will learn:

  • Five Element Emotions

  • Reactive Muscles Review

  • Acupressure Holding Points in Depth

  • Time Of Day Balance

  • Postural Stress Release

  • Neurolymphatic Release

  • 42 Muscle Balance Head to Toe

  • Luo Points

  • Postural Analysis and Balancing

  • Five Element Sound Balance

  • Figure 8 Energy

TFH Proficiency
  • Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1-4 or Touch for Health Synthesis

  • Training Goal: Profiency assessment of Touch for Hea;th Synthesis

  • Proficiency course is a requirement for entrance into the Touch for Health Training Workshop

Course Content: there will be disscussions, questions/answers and practical demonstrations. You will be assessed by pratical, oral and theory on  the material you learned in TFH 1-4. Here is a chance to review and update any of the subject matter from TFH 1-4 that you need to spend extra time on. You will also need to bring wiht ou at least 5 TFH balance records for each level of Touch for Health.

You Will See Results!

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