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Brain Integration 1 

• An introduction to Brain structure and function.
• Gestalt and Logic “Lead” functions.
• The Amygdala Fear/Pain Control Circuit (our Survival Circuits).
• Deep Level Switching – the cause of delayed language development, Psychological Reversals and Conflicts.
• Blocked Corpus Callosum and other Commissural Pathways that can cause the loss of Brain Integration and affect our ability to resolve challenges rather than react to them.
• Hippocampus – seat of our short term memory and learning.
• Celestial Circuit – under stress, we sometime split off or dissociate so it can be difficult to locate imbalances. Aligns all of our energy structures so we balance to a core stable energy system.
Prerequisites: Applied Physiology Hologram Series, EKP, Touch for Health 1-4 or other Kinesiology courses that will give you strong corrective techniques. LEAP teaches you how to access, format and work with Specific Learning dysfunction but requires you to utilise your repertoire of skills for correction
Brain Integration 1B (Glial Cells)
Brain Integration 2

Brain Integration 3


Brain Integration 4

LEAP Environmental Factors

Other Courses
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